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Cell viability analyzer

Workplace of device "Cell viability analyzer"
Workplace: UPOL - Laboratory of Biochemistry
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine - Department of Biology
Street: Hněvotínská 3
City: Olomouc
Characteristic of workplace: Laboratory of Biochemistry is part of Laboratory of Gene Engeneering since 2000.

Its research is focused to:

1.) study of inborn malfunctions of erythropoiesis
2.) molecular pathophysiology of hematology malignities

Especially this department deals with study of signal proteins that are key factors in tumor transformation. Their inhibition may serve for targeted tumor theraphy.

Department is devided into the laboratory of cloning techniques, the laboratory of microbiology and laboratory of cell and tissue cultures.
Device "Cell viability analyzer"
Manufacter Beckam coulter
Number of pcs. 1
Year 2004
Conditions Calibration of own cell culture is necessary
Usage The Vi-CELL Series Cell Viability Analyzers provide an automatic and cost effective means to perform the trypan blue dye exclusion method. This data is essential to the decision making process for basic tissue culture cell passage and maintaining optimum culture conditions in bioreactors. Cell and tissue culture applications in life science research, including recombinant protein and biopharmaceutical production, require the accuracy, precision and automation available only in the Vi-CELL cell viability analyzer.
  • Size Range: 2 - 70 µm
  • Sample Volume: 0.5 ml
  • Analysis Time: <2.5 min
  • Viability: 0 - 100
  • Imaging Technology: Auto-focus routine Firewire Camera with 1394x1040 CCD array
  • Auto Sampler
Manual Manual (EN)
Datasheet (EN)
Extern Yes
Přesun No
Loan conditions By agreement
Category of "Cell viability analyzer"
"Genetics and molecular biology"