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Workplace of device "Centrifuges"
Workplace: UPOL - Laboratory of Biochemistry
Faculty: Faculty of Science - Department of Biochemistry
Street: Šlechtitelů 11
City: Olomouc
Characteristic of workplace: Teaching professional biochemistry at the bachelor\\\\\\\'s, master\\\\\\\'s and doctoral degrees. Research biochemistry of enzymes and other proteins. Stresová physiology and biochemistry of plants. Genetic engineering.
Device "Centrifuges"
Manufacter Sigma (Německo), Hettich (Německo), Thermo Electron (Francie)
Number of pcs. 3
Conditions electrical network
Usage There are 3 types of refrigerated centrifuges available:
  • Sigma 6K15
  • Hettich Rotanta 460R
  • Thermo-Jouan CL31R
Applications: separation of substances by centrifugation
Specification Sigma 6K15
  • Speed range: 100 - 15 000 rpm (selectable in steps of 1 rpm)
  • Max. RCF: 25 155 x g
  • Max. capacity: 4 x 800 ml
  • Temperature control: –20 to +40 °C
Hettich Rotanta 460R
  • Max. speed: 15 000 rpm
  • Max. RCF: 24 400 x g
  • Max. capacity: 4 x 750 ml
  • Temperature control: -20 to +40 °C
Thermo-Jouan CL31R
  • Max. speed: 4100 rpm (Swing-out), 14600 rpm (Fixed Angle)
  • Max. RCF: 3176 x g (Swing-out), 23113 x g (Fixed Angle)
  • Max. capacity: 4 x 280 ml (Swing-out), 6 x 100 mL (Fixed Angle)
  • Temperature control: -9 to +40 °C
Manual Sigma 6K15 datasheet (EN)
Hettich Rotanta 460R manual (EN)
Hettich Rotanta 460R datasheet (EN)
Thermo-Jouan CL31R manual (EN)
Thermo-Jouan CL31R datasheet (EN)
Extern No
Přesun No
Loan conditions By agreement
Category of "Centrifuges"
"Inorganic chemistry", "Analytical chemistry, separation", "Organic chemistry", "Macromolecular chemistry", "Biochemistry", "Physical chemistry and theoretical chemistry", "Electrochemistry"