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BioLogic LP System

Workplace of device "BioLogic LP System"
Workplace: UPOL - Laboratory of Growth Regulators
Faculty: Faculty of Science - Laboratory of Growth Regulators
Street: Šlechtitelů 11
City: Olomouc
Characteristic of workplace: Research program of the laboratory is aimed primary at small molecules that regulate cell division cycle, proliferation and growth of both plant and animal cells. Namely cytokinins and cytokinin-derived purine inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinases belongs to the most intensively studied compounds. Our multidisciplinary research team is composed of experienced plant physiologists, biochemists as well as organic and analytical chemists. Many students are involved in the research during their pregradual and postgraduate studies of botany, analytical and organic chemistry or medicinal biology, respectively.
Device "BioLogic LP System"
Manufacter Bio-Rad Laboratories
Number of pcs. 1
Year 2010
Usage The BioLogic LP low-pressure, gradient chromatography system is designed for the purification of proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules where recovery of biological activity is of primary concern.
The BioLogic LP Controller is microprocessor controlled, with easy-to-use front panel controls and menu-driven software for manual operation, system setup, method editing and run operations. The flexible control architecture allows the seamless integration of a wide variety of configurations with other Bio-Rad and non-Bio-Rad components to meet your purification requirements.

Applications: purification of proteins, peptides and other biomolecules
  • Pump - flow rate: 0.1 - 40 ml/min
  • Pump - maximum counterpressure: 0.1 - 40 ml/min
  • UV detection: single channel, 280/254 nm, with auto zero function
  • UV detection range: 0.001 - 2 AUFS
  • Conductivity detection range: 0.5 - 500 mS/cm FS
  • Temperature Range: 4 - 40° C
  • gradient mixer
  • fraction collector model 2110
  • LP Data View Software
Manual Manual (EN)
Datasheet (EN)
Extern No
Přesun No
Loan conditions By agreement
Category of "BioLogic LP System"
"Analytical chemistry, separation", "Organic chemistry", "Macromolecular chemistry", "Biochemistry", "Electrochemistry", "Biotechnology and bionics", "Pharmacology and apothecary chemistry"