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CoulArray Multi-Channel ECD system

Workplace of device "CoulArray Multi-Channel ECD system"
Workplace: RADANAL Ltd.
Faculty: Soukromá firma - Soukromá firma
Street: Okružní 613
City: Pardubice
Characteristic of workplace: Radanal Ltd. deals with applications for chromatography to study the effects and roles of vitamins, natural antioxidants, and other important compounds affecting aging, human behaviour, performance and beauty.

Our research priority is the development of analytical methods which can monitor the influence of food on human behaviour and on physical and psychical performance. Such research connects specialists in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, food chemistry, analytical chemistry and toxicology. Therefore, we have initialized the interconnection of highly specialized professionals and formed solution teams to deal with projects within state support.

We are exclusive representative of ESA - a Dionex Company and we offer electrochemical detectors Coulochem® and CoulArray® and multi-purpose detector Corona® Charged Aerosol.
Device "CoulArray Multi-Channel ECD system"
Manufacter ESA - A Dionex Company
Number of pcs. 1
Year 2008
Usage The CoulArray Multi-Channel ECD system is used for HPLC-ECD analysis of electroactive molecules (amino acids, antioxidants, flavonoids, phenols, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, metabolites, PCBs, etc.)
The CoulArray system relies upon the electroactive nature of molecules: a molecule´s ability to be oxidized or reduced.
The CoulArray delivers unmatched selectivity for the detection of trace components in complex matrices, even in the presence of co-eluting molecules.

Applications: pharmaceuticals, clinical giagnostics, food and beverages, environment, oxidative metabolism
  • Number of coulometric electrodes: 4, 8, 12 or 16
  • Potential range: -1 to +2 V
  • Current range: ±50 nA ±5 μA, ±100 μA
  • Detector Operating Temperature: 10 - 35° C
  • Cell Operating temperature: 5 - 40° C
  • Autozero feature
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Category of "CoulArray Multi-Channel ECD system"
"Analytical chemistry, separation", "Pharmacology and apothecary chemistry", "Food industry"