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CEQ TM 8800

Workplace of device "CEQ TM 8800"
Workplace: UPOL - LF - Laboratory of experimental medicine
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine - Laboratoř experimentální medicíny
Street: Puškinova 6
City: Olomouc
Characteristic of workplace:
Device "CEQ TM 8800"
Manufacter Beckman Coulter
Number of pcs. 1
Usage genetics genomics
Specification Automated capillary electrophoresis system for determining the nucleotide sequence of DNA and / or the size of the DNA fragments.; Format: 96-well microplates; Technology: Sanger sequencing (dye-primer, dye-terminator), eight capillaries; four channel detection
Category of "CEQ TM 8800"
"Analytical chemistry, separation", "Biochemistry", "Genetics and molecular biology", "Immunology", "Microbiology, virology", "Biotechnology and bionics", "Medical facilities, apparatus and equipment"