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Cathodoluminescence microscope CL8200 Mk5-1

Workplace of device "Cathodoluminescence microscope CL8200 Mk5-1"
Workplace: UPOL - Department of Geology
Faculty: Faculty of Science - Department of Geology
Street: Třída Svobody 26
City: Olomouc
Characteristic of workplace: Mineralogy, hydrothermal mineralization, petrophysics, measurement of the natural radioactivity of rocks, petrology and the study of fluid inclusions, petroarcheology, paleontology and micropaleontology, stratigraphy and sedimentology, regional geology, environmental geochemistry.
Device "Cathodoluminescence microscope CL8200 Mk5-1"
Manufacter Cambridge Image Technology Ltd.
Number of pcs. 1
Year 2007
Usage The device contains a polarizing microscope, a source of electrons, managing unit with a microcomputer and vacuum chamber with the mechanical movement of the samole. The device allows observation of samples (polished cuts) under a stream of electrons from the cold cathode and identification of their luminescent characteristics (colour). The device is suitable for applications in petrology, mineralogy, archeology, construction and material sciences.
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Category of "Cathodoluminescence microscope CL8200 Mk5-1"
"Archaeology, anthropology, ethnology", "Solid-state physics and magnetism", "Biophysics", "Inorganic chemistry", "Analytical chemistry, separation", "Physical chemistry and theoretical chemistry", "Hydrology and limnology", "Geology and mineralogy", "Seismology, volcanology and Earth structure", "Geochemistry", "Earth magnetism, geodesy, geography", "Pedology", "Mining industry including coal mining and processi", "Contamination and decontamination of soil includin", "Nuclear waste, radioactive pollution and control", "Environmental impact on health", "Protection of landscape", "Metallurgy, metal materials", "Ceramics, fire-proof materials and glass", "Composite materials", "Corrosion and material surfaces", "Fatigue and fracture mechanics", "Civil engineering", "Industrial processes and processing", "Machinery and tools", "Reliability and quality management, industrial tes"