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Apparatus for photochemically induced chemiluminis...

Workplace of device "Apparatus for photochemically induced chemiluminis..."
Workplace: UPOL - Department of Physical Chemistry
Faculty: Faculty of Science - Department of Physical Chemistry
Street: 17. listopadu 12
City: Olomouc
Characteristic of workplace: Areas of study nanomaterials, molecular files and biomacromolecules. The Department is involved in research in areas with broad potential application of molecular electronics to molecular medicine.
Device "Apparatus for photochemically induced chemiluminis..."
Number of pcs. 1
Usage The combination of kits for counting photons and dye laser was developed by the original apparatus enabling the study of kinetics and other aspects of photosensitive and chemiluminiscence process. Before the detector is located interference filter (Meopta Prerov, Czech Republic), which prevents the penetration of exciting radiation into the detector.
The angle between the laser beam and the detector is 90 °. The signal from photomultiplier is captured through the A / D card PCI 6023E (max accruals 5 μs, National Instruments, USA). The device is controlled using the original software written in LabView development environment.
Cell area is tailored for standard 2 ml cells (Clinicon), better results (higher sensitivity due to a shorter optical track) is achieved using the original cells, which are derived sealing glass tubes (1.5 - 2.5 mm internal diameter, the consumption of a sample of <50 μl).

Applications: photochemistry, chemiluminescence, excitation of dyes, biophysical chemistry
  • Energy pulse: 90 μJ
  • Halfwidth: 4 ns
  • Angle between the laser beam and the detector: 90°
  • Data interface A/D card PCI 6023E (NI) - max accruals: 5 μs
  • excitation of nitrogen laser VSL-NDS 337
The Apparatus consists of:
  • nitrogenous laser
  • dye laser
  • cells space and detector
  • a source of refrigeration units
  • a source of high-voltage
  • a source of low voltage
Manual On request at laboratory
Extern No
Přesun No
Loan conditions By agreement
Category of "Apparatus for photochemically induced chemiluminis..."
"Optics, masers and lasers", "Biophysics", "Analytical chemistry, separation", "Organic chemistry", "Biochemistry", "Physical chemistry and theoretical chemistry"