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Devices and services catalog
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Workplace "UPOL - Department of Geology"
Workplace: UPOL - Department of Geology
Faculty: Přírodovědecká fakulta - Katedra geologie
Street: Třída Svobody 26
City: Olomouc
Characteristic of workplace: Mineralogy, hydrothermal mineralization, petrophysics, measurement of the natural radioactivity of rocks, petrology and the study of fluid inclusions, petroarcheology, paleontology and micropaleontology, stratigraphy and sedimentology, regional geology, environmental geochemistry.
Devices "UPOL - Department of Geology"
Device Manufacter Year
Cathodoluminescence microscope CL8200 Mk5-1 Cambridge Image Technology Ltd. 2007
Field Gamma-Ray Spectrometer GRM 260 GF Instruments 2005
Fluorescence Microscope Olympus BX-RFA Olympus 2007
Laboratory gammaspectrometer SG-1000 LAB VKV Horák s.r.o., GEORADIS s.r.o. 2006
Laboratory kappabridge Agico KLY-4 Agico 2003
Microthermometric chamber LINKAM THMSG 600 Linkam Scientific Instruments Ltd. 2004
Polarizing microscope Olympus BX 50 Olympus 1998
Portable Magnetic susceptibility meter KT-6 SatisGeo, s.r.o. 2004
Portable spectrofotometer X-Rite SP62 X-Rite 2007
Radim 3A Ing. Jiří Plch @§#8211; SMM 2006