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Workplace "UPOL - Department of Physical Chemistry"
Workplace: UPOL - Department of Physical Chemistry
Faculty: Přírodovědecká fakulta - Katedra fyzikální chemie
Street: 17. listopadu 12
City: Olomouc
Characteristic of workplace: Areas of study nanomaterials, molecular files and biomacromolecules. The Department is involved in research in areas with broad potential application of molecular electronics to molecular medicine.
Devices "UPOL - Department of Physical Chemistry"
Device Manufacter Year
AFM microscope Explorer ThermoMicroscopes (USA) 2000
Apparatus for photochemically induced chemiluminis...
Determination of selected ions
Dye Laser DUO 210 Laser Science, Inc. (USA) 2000
EPR/ESR spectrometer MiniScope MS100 MagnetTech GmbH (Německo) 2003
Fluoroskan Ascent FL ThermoLab systems (Finsko) 2001
Höppler viscosimeter 2004
IR spektrometer Philips
Luminometer BioOrbit 1250 BioOrbit (Finsko) 1995
Luminometer BioOrbit 1254 BioOrbit (Finsko) 1996
Measuring pH
Mössbauer spectrometers
Photoncounting system Hamamatsu
Polarimeter AA-55 Optical Activity Ltd.
Rotary viscometer RotoVisco 1 Haake 2001
Tensiometer Lauda 1997
UV/VIS spektrofotometer Beckmann DU 7500 1995
UV/VIS Spektrophotometer Helios Alpha Unicam, ThermoSpectronic 2004
VIS spektrometer Helios Epsilon Unicam, ThermoSpectronic