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Workplace "UPOL - Laboratory of Optics"
Workplace: UPOL - Laboratory of Optics
Faculty: Přírodovědecká fakulta - Katedra optiky a laboratoř kvantové optiky
Street: 17. listopadu 12
City: Olomouc
Characteristic of workplace: Activity in the laboratory is focused on basic and applied research particularly in the areas of wavelength, coherent and singular optics, shaping of optical fields and optical micromanipulation. The laboratory is equipped with two optical anti-vibration tables.
Devices "UPOL - Laboratory of Optics"
Device Manufacter Year
CCD camera Olympus 2004
Deformable piezoelectric mirror OKO Technologies 2006
Diode-Pumped Laser Verdi V2 Coherent 2006
He-Ne laser LASOS 2000
Laser beam profiler Spiricon 2007
Laser Diode Controller Thorlabs 2005
Optical power meter Thorlabs 2004
Phase spatial light modulator Boulder nonlinear systems 2004
Shack-Hartmann sensor HASO3 128 Imagine Optic 2006
XGA3 spatial light modulator CRL Opto 2002