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Workplace "UPOL - Laboratory of Growth Regulators"
Workplace: UPOL - Laboratory of Growth Regulators
Faculty: Přírodovědecká fakulta - Laboratoř růstových regulátorů PřF UP a AV ČR
Street: Šlechtitelů 11
City: Olomouc
Characteristic of workplace: Research program of the laboratory is aimed primary at small molecules that regulate cell division cycle, proliferation and growth of both plant and animal cells. Namely cytokinins and cytokinin-derived purine inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinases belongs to the most intensively studied compounds. Our multidisciplinary research team is composed of experienced plant physiologists, biochemists as well as organic and analytical chemists. Many students are involved in the research during their pregradual and postgraduate studies of botany, analytical and organic chemistry or medicinal biology, respectively.
Devices "UPOL - Laboratory of Growth Regulators"
Device Manufacter Year
AlphaDigiDoc Vilber Loumat 2005
Bioimaging Analyzer System BAS-1800 Fujifilm 1998
BioLogic LP System Bio-Rad Laboratories 2010
Cell counter Beckman Coulter 2006
Cytomics FC500 Series Flow Cytometry Systems Beckman Coulter 2006
Elementary analyzer C, H, N, O Thermo Finningan 2001
Fluorescence camera CoolSnap HQ2 Photometrics 2009
Helios - spektrometr Spectronic Unicam 2000
Mass spectrometer GC/MS Polaris Q Finningan Thermo Corporation 2004
Mass spectrometer Q - TOF micro TM Waters 2003
Mass spectrometer Quattro micro API Waters 2005
Mass spectrometer ZMD 2000 Waters 2000
Multiskan Ascent Labsystems 1996
NMR spektrometr 300 Bruker Avance 2002
Spektrometr FT - IR NICOLET NEXUS 670 Thermonicolet Corporation 2002
UV/VIS Spectrometer LAMBDA 40 PerkinElmer 2001