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Workplace "UPOL - LF - Laboratory of experimental medicine"
Workplace: UPOL - LF - Laboratory of experimental medicine
Faculty: Lékařská fakulta - Laboratoř experimentální medicíny
Street: Puškinova 6
City: Olomouc
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Devices "UPOL - LF - Laboratory of experimental medicine"
Device Manufacter Year
HM 550 VP Microtome Cryostat Thermo
ThermoFisherScientific LC-MS system for metabolomic studies ThermoFisherScientific
Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer Agilent
Arcturus Veritas Laser Capture Microdissecting System Arcturus
BD FACSAria II Sorpe flow cytometer / sorter BD FACS
BD FACSCalibur flow cytometer BD FACS
Bio-inert Quaternary LC system Dionex
Bio-Rad 2D proteomic analysis LARGE Bio-Rad
Bio-Rad 2D proteomic analysis set MINI Bio-Rad
Bio-Rad MicroRotofor Purification System for separation of proteins based on Isoelectric focusing Bio-Rad
Bio-Rad Model 491 Prep Cell / BioFrac Fraction Collector for preparative separation of proteins and nucleic acids Bio-Rad
Bio-Rad ROTOFORM Purification System for separation of proteins based by Isoelectric focusing Bio-Rad
BSL2 laboratory
BSL3 laboratory
BX51 fluorescence microscope with digital camera Olympus
BX60 fluorescence microscope with camera sensor Olympus
CEQ TM 8800 Beckman Coulter
Cobas 4800 system Roche
Columbus Conductor 24TB System for image data analysis and management PerkinElmer
Discovery XT Immunochemical analyzer Ventana
Enspire ™ Microwell plate reader PerkinElmer
EnVision HTS Multilabel Plate Reader PerkinElmer
ESI mass spectrometer Esquire HCT Ultra PMT Bruker
FlexImaging Software 2.0 Bruker
GeneGo software ThomsonReuters
GS Junior Sequencing technology Roche
ChemiDoc MP Documentation system Bio-Rad
LC-MS system for proteomic studies Thermo Scientific
Light Cycler 480 II Real-time PCR cycler Roche
LightCycler 1536 system Roche
Luminex 200 System Analyzer Luminex
MagnaPure 96 robotic system for isolation of the nucleic acids Roche
MALDI plate Proteineer DC II Bruker
MicroBeta Radioactivity and Luminescence Counter PerkinElmer
Microplates reader ViewLux uHTS Microplate Imager PerkinElmer
Microscopic system for automated FISH analysis on histological sections
Microstar - the ultimate modular robotic system HighRes Biosolutions
Molecular Imager GS-800 Bio-Rad
Nano LC system Dionex
Nanocell - robotic system HighRes Biosolutions
Neon® Transfection System Invitrogen
Olympus IX71 fluorescence microscope with digital camera Olympus
Operetta imaging system PerkinElmer
Proteineer dp Robotic trypsinization system Bruker
PyroMark Q96 ID Sequencing and Quantification platform Qiagen
QTRAP 5500 Tandem mass spectrometer AB Sciex
Research Rotor-Gene RG-3000 Real-time PCR cycler Corbett
Sliding Microtome PFM Medical
Software - Bruker Bruker
Software - Bruker Compass Bruker
Software - ClinProTools Software 2.1 Bruker
Software - Software system from Meta MetaSystems
Tissue-Tek ® TEC ™ 5 Tissue Embedding Console System Tissue-Tek
Tissue-Tek ® VIP ™ 5Jr Vacuum Infiltration Processor Tissue-Tek
TripleTOF ™ 5600 + mass spectrometer AB SCIEX
UHPLC binary system Dionex
UHPLC system and autosampler for GC / MS Dionex
UltrafleXtreme MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer Bruker
Vacufuge - Vacuum concentrator 5301 Eppendorf
VI CELL XR Cell viability analyzer Beckman Coulter
Yokogawa CV7000 Voyager Cell High throughput cellular imaging and discovery system Wako
Zeiss AxioObserver D1 - inverted fluorescence microscope Zeiss