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Countex is an FPGA-based scientific-grade electronic pulse counter. It allows for high-speed counting of periodic as well as aperiodic signals with temporal resolution down to few nanoseconds. It also features advanced functionality and connectivity.
We see Countex as a device focused on experimentalists, where user-friendliness, simplicity, and open communication protocols come along with excellent technical parameters.
Robert Stárek, Countex developer
DSCF7574_mod Wide funcionality
DSCF7568_mod Great connectivity
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Our story

We were harnessing photons for quantum computations in our laboratory. In our experiments we detected photons, the carrier of quantum information, by single-photon detectors. The output of these detectors is a series of voltage pulses which we counted using conventional scientific-grade counters. As we added more detectors and logic preprocessing, our NIM bin was full of counter modules, that we had to daisy-chain. Moreover, with each module we had to communicate with, our data acquisition took more time. Then we asked ourselves “can’t we develop something quicker, something with up-to-date connectivity, something universal and convenient for our needs?”
The answer was yes and we started building a first functional prototype. Along the way we realized we might not be alone and someone else would love to have something similar in his or her laboratory. This is where the projected started. Now, we would like to offer our colleagues, experimental physicists, a great pulse counting device for their electronic signal. Counter for experimentalist - Countex.
The Countex will be available for sale at the end of 2018.

What we can offer to partners:

Development of the product to the stage of a working prototype, ready for manufacturing.
All necessary user and manufacturing documentation.
Customization of the product to suit the needs of your customers.
Cooperation on marketing and product support.
Possible cooperation on future development.

Most frequent analyses Countex provides you with:


What we can offer to users:

Variable discrimination level
We embedded digitally tunable discriminator in each channel. As a result, you do not need any additional level shifters, amplifiers, or discriminators for input signals ranging from -5V to +5V. With digital threshold level control, we can implement signal autodetection to help you set proper discrimination level or perform a sequential pulse-height analysis.
Connectivity and transparent protocol
We will provide a clear description of how to communicate with the device over a virtual serial port. Any operating system or even a microcontroller can control Countex. We also provide a WiFi and Ethernet connectivity. We will provide you free software for detailed control and code snippets to help you integrate Countex into your software systems.


Plug and play
Countex allows for device-independent remote control to facilitate a quick start and easy operation. Programming is not necessary to operate Countex at the basic level. Instead, you can connect Countex to your local network, type the IP address into your browser, and simply control Countex using e.g. your phone.
Multiple input channels
We can easily provide 16 input channels in a single Countex device, all equipped with standard BNC or SMA connectors. In many experiments, this saves your time and resources by avoiding daisy-chaining of multiple counters.
Excellent parameters
With Countex, you would not miss a nanosecond pulse with pulse-pair resolution as good as few nanoseconds.
Wide functionality
Countex goes beyond simple counting – you can easily obtain statistics and create count histograms, perform a pulse-energy analysis, and, optionally, take time tags of detection events.

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