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Numerical simulations> Greater computing performance> New possibilities for prototype development

We run a powerful SGI UV2000 computing server with 128 kernels and 1 TB RAM.

This simple solution lets you take advantage of the unique performance for your calculations.

FEM Simulation
  • Do you need carry out finishing simulations?
  • Do you need to these options for development of a prototype?
  • Do you need more computing power?
We also offer assistance with creation of computing models, networks and complete calculations.
On the machine is installed the ANSYS FEM software in the Multiphysics version, the world's most popular SW for numerical modeling of physical processes (flow, strength and fatigue calculations, ...). Upon agreement, you can run your own software.

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Why calculations with FEM?
The Finite Element Method – FEM, is currently the only exact method that enables the state of the product, group, or unit under the load conditions for which it was designed to be determined already at the product design stage. Based on the results found, such as deformation and strain (heat, sound pressure, etc.), it is possible to determine how much are the mechanical properties of the material used. If the calculation determines that the component is disproportional or otherwise does not meet the requirements, the calculation can be extended by an optimization analysis. Based on the FEM calculations, it is then possible to perform a lifetime assessment or even a probability analysis.

We offer assistance with compiling computing model, creating a computing network (in ANSYS Meshing and ICEM), running calculations, and data processing and evaluation.

At the same time, it is possible to perform Multiphysics calculations -> to combine different physical models (eg FSI = Fluid Structure Interaction).
Lease of the computing time
Upon agreement, it is possible to rent the calculation time on the SGI UV 2000. The configuration includes 2x (8 x Intel E5-4627v2 CPU (8 kernels, 3.3 GHz)) and 1 TB RAM running on Linux. Lease includes the creation of an user account with the ability to run tasks, use data storage and transmission capacity (for uploading data). If necessary, installing and configuring the required SW equipment and performing basic benchmarks to better understand the required time. The condition in this case is the delivery of your own licenses.

We are happy to visit you in your company. We will explain to you the problematic and propose an optimal solution.


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