Palacký University carries out patent searches in the PatBase database

The Palacky University gained access to PatBase’s paid patent database. The database contains more than 100 million patent documents from all fields of technology. It allows applicants to analyze and identify suitable markets and licensing partners.

“Patents are, for the commercial sphere, what scientific articles are for scientists, and so much information from the commercial sphere is only mentioned in patent databases. It is a massive information resource with more than half a billion pages of technical information. Finding the right information can be an important tool for the right direction of research, as well as for finding suitable partners and applications, “said Filip Auinger, Development Manager of the Science and Technology Park UP (STP UP).

With a variety of search engines, database searches are very variable, so the search query can be targeted very precisely. In addition, an analytical module can be used to quickly understand the relationships and patterns of the field and to better target the search.

“Compared to unpaid PatBase databases, it allows you to search throughout the patent or patent claims, making it significantly more effective for searching for more complex queries in areas where there are already many patents. A part of the approach is also automatic notification of new patents in a given scientific field. As soon as a new patent appears, the user is informed about it, “Auinger added.

If you are interested in patent research or news monitoring, contact STP UP (585 631 420,

Palacký University gained access to the PatBase database for the next year and for five months as part of the UP Technology Transfer Team project.