Students of Hejčín high school print a 3D meteorological probe in UPrint

Team of students from the Olomouc-Hejčín Grammar School print components for plastic meteorological probe at UPrint 3D University Center. They want to win the Cansat International Competition with the probe, in which secondary school students test all phases of the space project.

“We are a team of six friends from two grades of the Olomouc-Hejčín Grammar School, which combines enthusiasm for electronics and robotics. Under the name of Quantum Limes we have been involved in robotic competitions for a long time. With our meteorological probe, we will simulate a flight to the Exxplus Proxima Centauri b, 4.2 light years from our Earth planet, “one of the students, Martin Kolář, described the competition’s contribution.
Students build a probe that will measure temperature, humidity, pressure and radiation during flight. The power to drive the probe is assured by the battery and additionally by tilting solar panels. The data obtained will then be analyzed. Students will be presented at the competition in April in Pilsen. It should be dropped to a height of 500-1000 meters.
“The project of hejčín gymnazists attracted us mainly because it motivates secondary school students to study technical and science subjects. We showed our 3D center, the possibilities of printing from plastic, paper and metal and agreed to cooperate in the printing of the probe, “said Hana Kubickova, head of UPrint 3D.
In 2017, students took part in an interactive education program for high schools called Conquest of the stratosphere. The Endowment Fund INFORM contributed financially to the project of the Cansat competition probe.