Surface condensation of water measurement



New surface condensation control tool

The SURface measures surface condensation in various applications. It offers high dynamic range, immediate response and rules out the environmental interference. The sensor is robust, highly variable in shapes and applicable in many fields where surface condensation has negative or positive effects.
The SURface brings a clever and simple solution for traffic safety.
Petr Fryčák, SURface developer
Benefits for YOU
  • New product to your portfolio
  • Patent protected
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • Our team willing to fulfil your future needs
  • Many fields of possible application (automotive, industry, smart buildings, households)
  • Response time < 1 sec
  • Operation temperature < 120 °C
  • Output signal analogue, SPI, LCD,…
  • Extended safety
  • Automatic regulation of processes (windshields automatic defogging, optical systems monitoring, heat exchanger control, clever ventilation).

We want you as a partner!

Palacky University recently developed a prototype of a probe for surface condensation of water measurement.
We are willing to adapt the technology to “real life application” and car windshield automatic de-fogging seems as one of the promising areas. We are looking for supervising in the last stage of SURface development.
Are you ready for the cooperation?

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