Universal magnetic particle separator

UniTrap is unique laboratory tool designed for fast, effective and simple separation of magnetic nano- and micro- particles. UniTrap can be used for separation in tubes with nominal volumes from 0.2 ml up to 15 ml.
We did not found any satisfactory tool for routine magnetic separations on the market. Therefore we have developed UniTrap.
Dr. Karel Koberna, UniTrap inventor
unitrap_slider1 Designed for wide range of tubes
unitrap_slider2 User friendly
unitrap_slider3 Compatible with multichannel pipettes

Our story

We work in our laboratories with nucleic acids, DNA, RNA, etc. Their separation is usually processed by bonding to the magnetic particles, which are then magnetically separated. Magnetic separation is routinely performed with simple attaching magnet to the tube. Such method of separation is however time-consumed, user-unfriendly and one can work only with one tube/sample at the time. Therefore, we started thinking about a smarter solution, which would allow work with more samples at the time and which would do separation of magnetic particles faster, user-friendly, and more precise.
Based on our experiences and requirements, we have constructed first functional prototype. This prototype was immediately tested in our daily practice in laboratory. After consultations with other colleagues and testing various modifications, we have designed and constructed UniTrap. Universal laboratory equipment that can be used with all commonly used plastic tubes (nominal volume from 0,2 ml up to 15 ml), that is user-friendly and allow proceed fast and precise magnetic separations in several (24 samples in the case of 0,2 ml tubes) tubes at the same time.

What we can offer to licensing partners:

New patented product to sell.
3D printed functional prototype.
3D model ready for manufacturing.
All necessary user and manufacturing documentation.
Possible cooperation on future development and customization.

What we can offer to users:

Easy, fast and sufficient magnetic separation
UniTrap is designed as user-friendly and intuitive tool for wide spectrum of laboratories. Orientation of the neodymium magnet allows full use of its potential and magnetic power. Its position towards tubes, that is above its bottom, causes concentration of magnetic particles on the wall of the tubes. It allows user of UniTrap immerse the pipette tip down to the bottom of tube and remove all the liquid without loss of the sample bonded on magnetic particles.
Designed for commonly used tubes
Compared to other magnetic separators, there can be used all commonly used tubes with nominal volume from 0.2 up to 15 ml. The whole UniTrap consist of static base with magnet and replaceable plates. Every plate is designed for different standard tubes. There are plates for tubes with nominal volume 0.2 ml, 0.5 ml and 0.6 ml, 1.5 ml, 2 ml and for big tubes with nominal volume 15 ml. Each plate can be placed into UniTrap in the only one correct position to ensure the proper use.
Separation of multiple samples at the same time
Design of  UniTrap allow its users perform separation of magnetic samples at multiple tubes at the same time. Number of tubes depends on their nominal volume. It increases from 10 tubes with nominal volume 15 ml up to 24 tubes with nominal volume 0.2 ml. Moreover it is possible to separate samples simultaneously in two different sizes of tubes.
Compatible with multichanel pipettes
Multichannel pipettes allow noticeable time saving. UniTrap is constructed to enable use of  standard multichannel pipettes with 8 or 12 channels. Magnetic particles are concentrated on the wall of the tubes and therefore it is possible to safely immerse tips into tubes and remove liquids from all tubes at the same time without the risk of loss of the sample.

Fast and efficient separation


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