We print 3D models of teeth for medical students

Tooth models, which should be better done for future dentists, will make the largest 3D printer in Moravia for the Olomouc Faculty of Medicine. It belongs to Palacký University of Science and Technology. According to the faculty management, this is the only project of its kind in the Czech Republic.
“Now you need to know how it will affect you whether it will have a positive or negative impact,” says Dr. Luboš Harvan, MD, a student of dentistry Martin Kraus, a new set of dental model from a 3D printer.

“It will certainly be better that we know when we are in the dentin when in the enamel we will see how deep we drill and the like,” says the student, and at the same time immediately asks for the price. Students regularly buy the set themselves. She is happy with the answer. Paying for her would have been about 20 percent less than she had done so far.

Palacký’s Science and Technology Center Manager, Filip Auinger, confirms that making the model was not easy. “It was very complicated because we first had to understand how the teeth are actually built, that they have three layers that are different and that have to be shown on the model so that they faithfully imitate what students will encounter later when their procedures are tested on our patients, “Auinger said.

The previous models were not so clear to Harvan for students. “They are only monolithic and monochrome, so access to that tooth is so more complicated, and that spatial orientation is more challenging for the student,” he explains.

From the tooth model to the functional flap

According to him, 3D printing is a big boom in the medical world. And it’s not just a dentist. “It’s mostly used in the surgical part of dentistry as an implant insertion template, where through the X-ray and imaging software one can simulate the precise path of the surgeon. In neurosurgery, it is the injury replacement so that the shape of the skull has no defect. I know that at the moment, a 3D print and a heart valve were created from the biocompatible material, “says the doctor.

Future dentists from the Faculty of Medicine at Palacký University in Olomouc will be the first in the Czech Republic to practice dental models made by the 3D printer from the next semester.
Taken from: Olomouc Radio, Author: Blanka Mazalová